Your Life is a Movie — So no pressure.


We have two more days to Write Your Day with Amarachi. That should be exciting news! And if for any reason it doesn’t sound as exciting, there is ZERO pressure at all to be a part of this.

The goal isn’t ‘consistency’ — what even is that as a writer? This is fun! Writing about your day should be an exhilarating process.

I know in my first post, I talked about ‘breaking eggs for breakfast,’ but I really don’t want ‘Write Your Day’ to be merely recollections of the day-to-day activities in your life. That would be a bore, wouldn’t it? Ugh. Exhausting. I rather write about how Dracula got beaten up by Voldemort and befriended Alexander, the great in the process. Chill, let me open my Word document.

And that brings me to this.

Your life is a movie.

So, feel deeply. Be sensitive to things happening around you. Take in the dusty smell of the air during harmattan or the chills that dance around the hair on your skin when the temperature is below 16 degrees Celsius.

There is no pressure at all, and I explained that in yesterday’s post. This exercise should rather be ‘refreshing.’

I love this for you; I really do. And together, we’ll write stories that “Show and not tell.” Story description and imagery for the win — haha!

Be amazing! And as always, I’m praying for you.

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